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Product Description: 

OPG International’s lab is an environmental microbiology testing lab that utilizes its patent pending technology platform to isolate and characterize all microorganisms from environmental samples. (95% of microorganism’s have not been able to be defined or cultured prior to this technology.)

Why it’s important: Soil Microbiology can play a key contributor to the understanding of soil health, nutrient sustainability and crop production. Through the greater intrinsic understanding of beneficial rootzone bacteria, the soil and plant will advance in fertilizer efficiency, root health and overall crop productivity. We have used this technology to target, culture and create custom formulations to remove citrus greening, and other pathogens from soil by 99% and increase yields by up to 70%.

Uses: Agriculture & Lawn Care

GrowFix Nutrient Enhancer is an all in one solution made from all organic material.  GrowFix increases microbial activity (CFU), organic matter, and beneficial nutrients, while decreasing pathogens and creating a natural defense from pests.

To be used as a soil amendment to promote nutrient recycling and improve mineralization, Creating health in soil, foliar and root portions of treated area.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Derived From Clean All-Organic Sources
  • Considered Beneficial To The Environment
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Pathogenic
  • Immunity Resistant
  • Can Be Blended With; Water, Liquid Fertilizers, Liquid Amendments, Adjuvants, Surfactants
  • Sustainable

*When used as directed

Documents for Download: 

GrowFix Nutrient Enhancer | Label 

GrowFix Nutrient Enhancer | SDS