OPG Misting System

What is included?

  • (1) Misting System (Unit) 
  • (1) 55 Gallon Drum
  • (1) Remote 

What is an OPG Misting System?

The OPG Misting System is a delivery system that distributes solution as a fine mist through nozzles and tubing that are discretely placed around desired perimeter. The OPG Misting System creates a barrier around a residential, commercial, agricultural or farming property.

How Does an OPG Misting System Work?

A 55 gallon drum is filled with water and solution. The drum is hidden in a garage, near a/c equipment, pool equipment or other discreet area of a residential, commercial, agricultural or farming property. Nozzles and tubing are then installed every 10 feet around the perimeter creating a barrier of protection from unwanted insects, viruses, pathogens etc.

What sets OPG insect Misting Systems apart from the competition?

For more than a decade our team members at OPG have been focused on every aspect of residential & commercial mosquito and pest control. Leading the industry in automatic misting systems & components. OPG International offers superior misting system units available for residential, commercial & agricultural installation. 

OPG "OG" Misting System Features & Benefits

  • Superior Technology
  • Best In-Class Parts & Components
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Durable Nylon Tubing
  • Stainless Nickel-Plated Nozzle Tips
  • Pre-set Automatic Spray Times
  • Hand-held Remote Control for On-Demand Spraying

Dimensions: Drum (34''x23''x23'') Unit: 12''x12''x6''