PestFix® Mosquito Botanical | 8 oz Concentrate (Misting System Use)

PestFix® Life Cycle Control | Mosquito Botanical is an EPA Exempted Product. PestFix® Life Cycle Control - Mosquito | Botanical is a mosquito Larvicide, Pupicide, and Adulticide.

To Control and Repel; Mosquitos, Ticks and other flying and crawling insects

• Botanical

• EPA 25(b) Exempted Product

• Active Ingredients Grown organically

• Biodegradeable

• Safe for animals, fish, humans and plants when used as directed

• Bee and Butterfly Friendly

This 25(b) product is exempt from registration with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA regulation.  

PestFix® Life Cycle Control | Mosquito Botanical SDS