PestFix® Mosquito Biological

SAY HELLO, to the Future of Pest Control!

PestFix® Life Cycle Control is a biological amendment containing re-mediating and discouraging beneficial bacteria strands for crawling and flying pest. These organisms produce a wide scope of enzymes with enhanced capacity to manage and deter flying pests naturally and biologically, particularly non-beneficial pests of turf, horticulture, ornamentals and agriculture. The product can blend with inorganic and organic fertilizers, soil amendments and/or impregnated onto dry fertilizer.

To control the life cycle of: Mosquitos (culex, aedes, anopheles), Flies (Musca domestica, Calliphora Vomitoria, Drosphilla), Gnats/No-see-ums (Certopogonidae), Fleas and Ticks, and spiders

 100% Non-Toxic

• Eco-Friendly

• Derived From Clean All-Organic Sources

• Considered Beneficial To The Environment

• Non-GMO

• Non-Pathogenic

• Immunity Resistant

• Can Be Blended With; Water, Liquid Fertilizers, Liquid Amendments, Adjuvants, Surfactants

• Sustainable

PestFix Life Cycle Control | Mosquito Biological Label

PestFix Life Cycle Control | Mosquito Biological SDS