Oil & Gas

OPG gives access to proprietary reporting that provides intelligence insights that are essential to crude oil microbial biome sampling. Based on the sample results, OPG is able to rapidly customize solutions that meet your industry needs. All of our microbes are non-toxic, naturally occurring, non-corrosive and proven in the oil field. The Innovation Center specializes in enhancing oil production from both producing and marginal wells. The technology introduces beneficial and scientific hydrocarbon reducing bacteria that crack large hydrocarbon chains intro smaller more easily produced ones. We provide access to a proprietary Artificial Q-Sensing Intelligence Energy platform, that will put you in the leading position to drive value, profit and sustainability. The platform provides rapid problem solving and identification of microorganisms through pattern recognition and identification based on increased sensitization of biochemical expressions.

Key Benefits:

  • Altering heavy oil chains to lighter molecular chains resulting in more producible oil
  • Shifting the reservoir microbial population away from non-beneficial
  • SRB’s to beneficial hydrocarbon reducing bacteria
  • Controlling and reducing H2S, scale buildup and sludge accumulation and plugging in the reservoir
  • Favorably altering reservoir sweep efficiency and oil mobility
  • Controlling Paraffin Wax buildup resulting in cleaner near well bore, rods and flow lines
  • Favorably altering flow characteristics such as viscosity and pour points yielding more oil

Microbial Products Beneficial to Improved Oil Recovery:

Microbial Products Beneficial to Improved Oil Recovery