Our Science

OPG International products are either derived from Botanical or Environmental Microbiological scientific methods.

What is Botanical?

While botanicals have risen in popularity of the years you have to be careful as manyof these off-the-shelf products are synthetic containing hazardous chemicals. They aresometimes marketed as botanically-derived or nature-inspired, but really that’s just greenwashing.

Our Botanicals use the actual plant ingredient from nature. We harness and mimicwhat nature has already been doing for millions of years. Green Chemistry used to developthese products use the philosophy of chemical research and engineering that discouragesthe use and generation of hazardous substances. This helps reduce chemical consumptionand harm to the environmental while reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. The result isunprecedented safety & sustainability.

What What is Environmental Microbiological?

Environmental microbiology studies how microbes interact with the environment and each other, including their effects on the landscape, the spread of viruses and bacteria, the distribution of algae, fungi and parasitical organisms and the associated implications for human health and the environment.

Our environmental microbiology testing utilizes patent pending technology platform to isolate and characterize all microorganisms from environmental samples. Prior to this technology, over 95% of microorganism’s were unable
to be defined or cultured. With this patent pending technology the lab can better identify & map soil health, nutrient sustainability and crop production while also targeting specific pathogens and pests.